What to do with "Paper Straws"

Paper straws are here to stay and in addition to being very decorative for our parties, they have many other uses that I want to show you with these wonderful photographs.


You can use paper straws instead of the typical white sticks to make Marshmallow lollipops. These pirouettes are very easy to make and besides being super decorative they are very good. You can find the step by step of how to do this idea here


Cake pops as colorful and spectacular as these mini manzanitas. You can find the complete recipe with the step by step here


Vintage windmills... a very easy craft to do with children at home.

You will only need decorated cardboard, a button, glue and matching paper straws .

This one that we have seen in the Shop Sweet Lu Lu Blog could not be more ideal!


These black and white striped paper straws are perfect

for some good caramel apples in a Halloween snack.

We've seen it in Martha Stewart .


To place a homemade pica pica... an ideal recipe that you can see on the Blog of our friend Sandee from La Receta de la Felicidad


To write a message that you want to convey at a wedding or special celebration or

just to personalize each glass with the name of your guests.

We have seen these paper straws with a message here


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  • Marcela

    Hola Isabel te paso el link directos donde puedes encontrar nuestras pajitas rayadas en rosa en un pack de 20 uds. Gracias!


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