garlands are in fashion

Paper pennant garlands have been flooding trend websites for some time with the most varied colors, sizes and textures. They are as decorative as they can be, they give color, they are cheerful and something no less important... they visually lower the high ceilings that we generally have at Weddings and which concern designers and event decorators so much. Placed with some care, they manage to make the party environment much less cold and joyful.


We could not stop showing images with the most varied ideas, but in this case we want to show you these wonderful paper garlands that we have brought for you. They are made with a traditional Himalayan paper made by hand in Nepal and hand dyed. This paper makes them very special and different, which is why they are ideal for celebrations such as Weddings or Communions . As they are hand-dyed, no pennant is the same as the other and the truth is that its colors are very successful.


In this spectacular photograph that we have seen in bhldn they have used garlands with small pennants, Pom Poms, paper fans and paper lanterns . This well-achieved mix is ​​the perfect background for any Photocall. It has a Vintage point but at the same time modern that I love! If you want to see a complete tutorial on how to make Pom Poms look at this Post from our Blog. If you are curious about how this special paper is made, you can watch this video .

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