decorating wooden spoons

We have always loved wooden cutlery and plates. Since La Fiesta de Olivia was born, we have opted for 100% natural wooden products, managing to provide an "Ecofriendly" option to decorate our tables for all kinds of celebrations and birthdays.

In addition to being natural, they are very pleasant to the touch, reusable and are perfect for events or weddings with an original and very modern touch.

By having them in our hands, we have not been able to fall into the temptation of decorating them!
We have tried to do it in many ways and the result is this...

With our party themes through different Martha Stewart labels,

We have decorated Pirates of the Caribbean, Halloween, Dessert, Ice Cream and Cake spoons.

My favorites!

We have also tried to decorate them with flags with our fabric blinds or Washitapes.

This past Monday was a party in Barcelona and together with a friend we set up an activity for our children.

We began to decorate wooden spoons and plates....

You can not imagine how enjoying it and the great ideas that came out.

Of course, we must take into account the ages of the artists... they are between 3 and 6 years old.

I leave you some photos for your opinion, I love the result!

Olivia had such a good time...

wants to paint his own wooden tableware for his next birthday this October!

I'll tell you... if you feel like trying this activity, you have these wooden spoons to decorate here.

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  • Yanina

    Hola, mi nombre es Yanina y soy de Argentina. Quisiera saber si estos productos como los cubiertos de madera, los sorbetes de papel, etc. llegaron o estan disponibles en alguna tienda o cotillon aqui. Bueno desde ya le agradeceria una respuesta, muchas gracias.

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