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This way of decorating balloons is causing a sensation! We saw them for the first time almost a year ago in a couple of American Blogs. We love them because it gives a very Chic touch to any celebration for both adults and children. They are ideal at Weddings, First Communion parties or Baptisms, as centerpieces or together at different heights in a corner. Here you have a tutorial that we found on sweetthingblog with images of how to make them in case anyone dares... it doesn't look very difficult!

Use a Giant XL balloon with Helium so that the result is that spectacular!

*We will only need*

A giant latex balloon filled with helium . You can find them in our Shop .

Light fabrics that you like (if they are heavy the balloon will not rise enough)


Fabric ribbons that you like

Tissue paper or crepe paper ribbons . You can find them in our Shop .


If you don't see yourself capable of doing this quiet decoration! We have some beautiful fringed garlands that you can tie to your Xl balloon and it will have the same effect! ;)

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  • kitzia lópez

    todas sus ideas son preciosas, fuera de lo común, gracias por tan buenos consejos!!!

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