Ecofriendly ideas for your parties

These are some easy ideas to make your celebrations a little more "Ecofriendly" without dying trying.
The invitations
Sending invitations by email are one of the most ecological alternatives to invite to our parties. At (photo) and you can find thousands of templates ready to fill out with the place, day and time of the celebration. Quick and easy with just one click.

That your children invite personally by phone is also another alternative... and reusing cardboard scraps, magazines, and various papers that you find at home, can be the perfect support to create different cards if the idea is to invite in writing.

On our website you will find free invitations to download to your computer that you can print once, fill out by hand for yourself or your child (it is always closer) and scan to be able to send it by email to all your guests.

The decoration
Avoid plastic tablecloths with exclusive designs of children's characters and prefer reusable ones, such as rubber or rubber, childproof, easy to clean and that you can use again for a meal with your friends, as well as for the table at a family snack. Another option is to choose a cloth tablecloth that you already have at home or a "non-woven" or Dry Tissue tablecloth that you can wash several times, combined with a table runner in very bright and combinable colors.

Another alternative is to put several sheets of kraft paper to cover the table, and invite each of the invited children to draw in their place, decorate or leave souvenir greetings to the party.
Try to avoid buying disposable plastic tableware, and to leave behind the convenience of "use and throw away" for "use and wash".

An intermediate option to disposable tableware is that of Bamboo wood , 100% natural and with a spectacular look that you can even customize with stamps, jealousy or drawing.

The classic cone-shaped hats and garlands can also be an opportunity to avoid buying them and make them ourselves by reusing cardboard, magazines or sheets that you have at home. Following the same line of the kraft paper tablecloth, you can also make hats that the children themselves decorate with their hands.

Here you will see a DIY to make very easy and creative hats.

No balloons...
It's hard to think of a celebration without balloons, right? The Japanese abandoned them some time ago, partly because of the risks involved in swallowing pieces of this latex once they burst and are scattered on the ground, but also partly because they believed in a more ecological approach.

If you don't want to give up balloons, choose thick , 100% organic Latex balloons that have much less risk of choking for small children. You can find the ones decorated with polka dots that are so fashionable.

A very eco option is colored paper lamps . They decorate a lot, they are reusable and you can hang them at different heights, alternating the colors of your party. A very decorative idea is to make a bouquet of lamps combined with silk pompoms , lanterns or pleated paper fans . The effect is spectacular!


Here the limits depend on your child and on your imagination. We advise you to talk to your child and agree together how to have a healthier birthday without being less good!

There are various alternatives to leave out packaged products, brimming with salt and fat and make way for cookies baked at home, juices or natural smoothies, fruit skewers or cereals of different types.

You can make all kinds of muffins, carrots, walnuts, almonds, lemon, red fruits, honey, banana..., talk to your child to find out what their favorite flavor is and what flavors they would like to have for their friends. You can decorate them with a Philadelphia cheese Frosting, icing sugar and food coloring so that they have a point of color! It is much lighter than the classic Butter Frosting of the Classic Cupcakes.

In savory alternatives, prefer baked things over fried ones. Or the carrot and celery sticks that can be spread with a yogurt or avocado sauce, it is a very fresh option that will add touches of color to your table.
Ham rolls, fresh cheese cubes, cheese sticks, or hard-boiled egg ham sandwich, ham avocado or turkey ham and lettuce cold wraps are healthier and more nutritious ideas.

The piñata

This moment expected by children is one of the least "green" elements of the entire birthday. Kilos of sugar and so-called trinkets that are useless after 15 minutes could be replaced by a piñata with less quantity but more quality and that once you get home they can be used for more than just filling up and throwing it away.
What if the piñata had pencil sharpeners, erasers , watercolors, costume accessories, colored tweezers , jealousy with designs, among others?

The games

There is an age where you no longer have to worry about what the children will do during the birthday, since it is something that they and the person celebrating at the same party decide, but with the little ones it is an important issue and there are also alternatives to the bouncy castles, the men dressed in costumes of children's characters that are almost always scary, or the entertainers with a microphone.

Going back to the classic is greener and easier. Some games like doing sack races, the one with the egg in the spoon, or putting the tail on the donkey not only smell of nostalgia but are also more ecological. Painting their faces with designs of butterflies, favorite characters and fairies, setting them up in a football game with yellow cards and making yourself a referee or the musical chair will make your children learn to enjoy simple things.

Another alternative, instead of hiring entertainment services, is to have the children themselves do " activities " or practical things during the birthday. For example, you can buy white t-shirts for each child and place markers on a table and decorate their own t-shirt as party favors. Another idea is to cook and decorate cookies. You take it to the oven while they continue playing, and then each one fills their bag to take them freshly baked.

If your child likes artistic things more than cooking, you can set up a photo booth for them, dress them all up and take fun photos of them that later remain as a souvenir of an unforgettable party!

A fun way to instill healthy values ​​in our children.

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