Flowers made with paper napkins

From a wonderful tutorial by Martha Stewart, tissue paper flowers or Pom Poms began to raise their fame. From there they began to spread through the best party, wedding and decoration blogs. I leave you these images with the step by step.

DIY-paper-flowers-pompoms-weddings-christenings-first communion

But we have found here this tutorial that has something different... they are very decorative paper flowers made with paper napkins . Unlike tissue paper flowers and pom-poms, a paper napkin is a much stiffer paper so it holds up better and this type of paper gives it a much softer, vintage look.

DIY-paper-flowers-pompoms-weddings-christenings-first communion
5 three-ply squarecocktail-size napkins
20 cm. of floral wire or aluminum wire.
DIY-paper-flowers-pompoms-weddings-christenings-first communion
1. We will cut out the ruffled edge of three napkins , unfold them and stack them.

DIY-paper-flowers-pompoms-weddings-christenings-first communion
2. We will fold the napkins in the form of an accordion.
We advise making each fold about 2 cm. High.
3. We will then secure the pleats with a floral wire or ribbon.
DIY-paper-flowers-pompoms-weddings-christenings-first communion
4. We cut each end of the folded napkins, don't worry if you don't get a perfect cut, it will be even more realistic.

DIY-paper-flowers-pompoms-weddings-christenings-first communion
5. Fan out each end of the napkins.
6. Next, we pull each layer up and toward the center, starting with the center layer.
Starting with the bottom layer, we carefully separate each sheet from the center.
They are very delicate, so take your time.
7. Once we have all the folds separated, we will manipulate the petals to obtain their desired shape.
DIY-paper-flowers-pompoms-weddings-christenings-first communion
We can use napkins of any size or color, as long as they are square.

The possibilities are endless!

If you prefer Pom Poms in tissue paper and you don't have time to make them yourself... in our shop you will find a series of Kits of the most beautiful colors and combinations so that you can make your Pom Poms to decorate your parties very easily .


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    Hermosos me encanta

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    me encanta se ve muy linda y ademas muy fácil, y me gusta la explicación ya que es muy detallada

  • marisol

    me gusta la pagina y las manualidades

  • Ana Rodríguez

    Muy lindas, deseo que sigan compartiendo mas decoraciones como estas para aprender a hacerlas paso a paso. Gracias!

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    Muy decorativas!!! gracias por compartirlas! :)

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