Decorate a cake at home!

There are thousands of images of super elaborate birthday cakes and the truth is that they are beautiful.
But, we don't always have the time to make them at home or the money to buy them. Personally, I am of the idea that children value what they have been able to do on their own, I believe that the memory and satisfaction is much greater.
On this line, we have started to design some very decorative and special pennants or "Cake Bunting". I will show you some ideas to decorate a cake together with the children in an easy, fast and cheap way.
We can buy or make a stuffed cake at home and cover it with cream, chocolate or meringue and decorate it, yes, in an orderly and delicate way.
We have loved this idea that we have found for a cowboy and Indian party . They have used the paper straws to assemble the pennant, normal candles and a horse that all the children have at home. The cake is lined with cream and has small red sweets or jelly beans well placed.
What do you think?
This week we will show you more ideas of this type that will surely inspire you, until next time!

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