Advent Calendar

What better time than Christmas to do an activity with the children that helps them understand the passing of the days on these long-awaited dates for them. A family advent calendar is an original and educational idea to give an answer to the question... How long until Christmas ?

An advent calendar can help us explain it and can be an entertaining way to wait for Christmas, decorate our house and at the same time prepare the children for that great day.

The idea is that each window, bag or paper envelope contains a small gift and a phrase with a good deed such as: helping mom at home, taking dirty clothes to the basket, tidying up or sharing toys, paying attention to dad at the first... I can think of thousands!!

In short, choose with them things that they can do, to prepare for the birthday of Baby Jesus, the arrival of Santa Claus, the Three Wise Men or whoever brings gifts and joy home that day. Take a look at these ideas that I have compiled for you:

Advent Calendar
This very simple! They are wooden clothespins covered with Washi Tape or decorative jealousy or decorated clothespins glued on a cardboard of the color that we want. They have been numbered and placed in such a way that it forms a Christmas tree. From the clips we hang whatever we want. Definitely my favourite!
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Cloth bags, packets, small boxes and paper bags... all tied to a wooden stick. Each one of them with a little gift, cookie, message or whatever we want inside. They decorate a lot if we hang them on the fireplace or on the dining table. The key to make it harmonious, only use a range of colors.



Like a garland made with colored envelopes made with sheets of paper by the children themselves. A sticker with the 24 numbers closes each envelope. The garland is made from rope or the famous Baker's Twine . Seen in pinterest

Advent Calendar


Again the wooden clothespins covered with Washi Tape , this time glued on a wooden board holding paper bags.

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In our store you will find a wide selection of items to decorate your home this Christmas and in the new Advent Calendars collection a selection of bags, paper labels and numbers ideal to assemble yours and prepare the children for the countdown. I hope you like it :)

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