Photo Booth at a Circus Party

We love the idea of ​​setting up a Photo Booth at a children's party , it is a very original idea and easy to do. In addition to being a super fun activity for the kids invited to the birthday party , the photos that you get make a great party keepsake for everyone.

Assembling one is very easy, we will need:

* A colorful background. We can use a colorful fabric, a paper that the children themselves can color with paint, stickers or a simple sheet of gift paper that we like stuck on a wall.

* Costume accessories related to the theme of the party. A good idea is to place a trunk or basket full of easy-to-use accessories such as clothes, wigs, glasses or party hats.

* A photografic camera. Ideally, this camera is fixed on a table or on a tripod so that all the photographs have the same angle and we achieve that Photo Booth effect when seeing all the photographs together.

In these images that we have found here , they have set up a Photo Booth for a Circus party. All it took was a white paper painted with colored polka dots and a clown's nose .

Do not tell me that the result is not phenomenal!


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