How to decorate a pirate party and organize a treasure hunt.

A Pirates party is one of the favorite themes for children's parties in summer.

It's ideal if you're at the beach, in a park, or near a pool. I leave you with photos of one of the pirate party collections that we offer at Olivia's party and that has been a bestseller this summer. You will see a lot of details and ideas to set up the table and make it ideal... Here we go!

If you set up a buffet-type table with all the food, the easiest thing to do is to place it against the wall so that you can decorate the back. In this case, the back wall is decorated with red paper ribbons stuck vertically to the back wall, a garland of pirate pennants, a garland of Pirate Party letters , and cotton fishing nets.

pirate party for kids in summer

pirate cake topper

You can use the same materials, if you want to decorate the children's table. A black tablecloth will serve as the base. Use the same elements from the back of the Buffet table so everything will look more unified. In the Pirates party collection you will find everything you need to achieve this brutal Woow effect at your party.

pirate party for kids

pirate party for kids

pirate party for kids

pirate cupcake pirate treasure party

The treasure hunt is a fun and easy game to play during a children's birthday party . It is a simple game in which children must guess clues and dodge different tests until they find the TREASURE .

A treasure map will give a lot of play when setting up the activity. I leave you with this ideal treasure map downloadable that we found on lil Luna 's blog. The touch of the golden painted stones makes me crazy!



I leave you the step by step with tips to organize a pirate treasure hunt:

1. We will divide the group of children into 2 teams.
2. Previously, we will have to write several tracks and we will put them inside a sealed envelope.
3. The groups should be differentiated in some way, a fun way to differentiate them is to give one group a pirate bandanna and the other a pirate patch or pirate hat .
4. Once the two teams have been formed, we will raffle the sealed envelopes that contain the instructions they must follow to find the hidden TREASURE!

If we want to organize an entertaining activity for the pirate party , the tests must be varied and participatory. That is, we will try to get all the children in each team to work to achieve the objective. Ideally, each clue inside the envelope should send the children to a place where a new envelope with the second clue is located. In turn, the second envelope will send the children to a third place where there will be another envelope with another clue, and so on.

Clues are usually worked out by riddles or puzzles that indicate certain locations. The number of clues will depend on the taste of each one, although we recommend that there are not many, to prevent the game from becoming monotonous and the children losing attention.

The last clue will send the children in the group that found it first directly to the hidden pirate treasure, who will be the winners of the game.

Any ideas:

1. If the children are a little older, at the end of each track, the test can be accompanied by a questionnaire of general knowledge questions that they must answer in a group.

2. The activity can be organized without dividing the group and have all the children participate in the hidden treasure hunt at the same time.

2. If the children are encouraged, a good idea is to do it at sunset, using flashlights.

I assure you that this party will be a success!

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