Mini piñatas for your party

Piñatas were born in Mexico, there are all colors, shapes and motifs. But we have found these mini piñatas that we have loved! They are very easy to make and above all suitable for all budgets... With a little imagination and skill it is easy to decorate your child's party.
2 x cardboard cones
50 cm. fabric ribbon in the color you want
20 cm. of crepe paper tape
Glue gun
Buttons, flowers or whatever you want to decorate them.



If you want to see the step by step in more detail click here
If time is what you lack... we have these beautiful piñatas to offer you !


  • Marcela

    Hola Yanina,
    Estos conos son los que usan para servir granizados. Puede que en alguna empresa que venda suministros para hostelería los encuentres. En España si conocemos pero en Argentina no… Lo siento!

  • yanina

    donde puedo conseguir los vasos conicos para las piñatas en argentina?? alguien sabe?? xq no los consigo por ningun lado??

  • yazmin

    son muy faciles y bellisimas, gracias por su idea!!!

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