Tips for decorating a children's party

*The theme of the party, the first thing!* If your child is young, you will be the one who chooses. But if he can choose, he should be the one to suggest the theme and colors that he likes best for his birthday party. This choice is part of his birthday and will make him feel important. We suggest those topics that children like so much, but that parents also like.

At Olivia's Party we prefer themes that remind us of birthdays from when we were little. We believe that we can make a different birthday, moving away from commercial issues.


* Get organized. Make a list with everything you need*

The decoration is essential to create the right atmosphere. If you have a low budget, we suggest you put a lot of balloons , a pretty garland and accessories for your party in solid colors and a table runner that will give color: it is cheap and you will get a festive atmosphere completely up to par. If you have more budget, we suggest you put a centerpiece of the theme you have chosen and a large children's buffet.

Browsing Olivia's Party you will find many more ideas.

Don't forget the piñata , games to entertain the children and gifts or a small party favor for everyone.

Also make a list of the food, drinks and sweets that you plan to serve. In this Blog you will find many ideas of easy to prepare and different food recipes for birthdays.

*The invitations*

A different card, made by your son, will serve to invite school friends. Ideally, it should reflect what the party will be like.

If you place your order with us, we will give you free invitations for your child's party according to the theme you choose, so that you can print them directly on your home printer. When placing your order, request it in comments and we will send it to you by email in PDF format.

*The snack*

For snack time, keep in mind that children prefer simple ham and cheese or Nutella sandwiches for that day and halves for the little ones. Drinks: we recommend fruit juices, chocolate shakes and plenty of water during the season.

Something more elaborate, but no less complicated and that is very decorative, is to put on a candy buffet. Buy sweets or lollipops and put them inside glass or colored pots... the effect is spectacular!

You can not forget the cake with its candles . It will be special, whether ordered or homemade. It must have a simple base so that everyone likes it and can be decorated with sweets or trinkets. To guide you, a 2kg cake. it will be enough for about 24 people.

A cake, however simple it may be, with a nice Cake Bunting type cake decoration will give your table a very special look.

Another very decorative option is to make the famous Cupcakes and, if you're not much of a cook... don't get complicated! A simple Madeleine decorated with a base and Toppers will be ideal. On our website you can find all kinds of Cupcake bases with their matching Toppers. These Toppers can also be used to decorate sandwiches or rolls... we already have everything coordinated!

*The piñata and the games*

Plan some games to keep the kids entertained. Especially if the children are young or if the party is indoors. One idea is to invite them to a costume party of the chosen theme. This gives a lot of play and the mere fact of going dressed up already enchants them! As for the games, we recommend the ones of a lifetime that never fail: musical chairs, the handkerchief, sticking the tail on the donkey, making the children color , decorating things with stickers , having a small championship with various tests , etc. If you don't see yourself with enough strength, you can always hire these services from a recognized company in your area.

The Piñata is a game and they love it, especially if they find little toys inside to play with for a while.

*Gifts for the invited children*

So that going home is not a reason for disgust, have a souvenir prepared for each child for the exit: fill a bag with small details: better if they are some funny gifts according to the age of the guests and few sweets.

Put all the boxes in a basket or tray and put them out of sight only when it is time for collection.

We hope these tips help you have a good afternoon and a great day for your child and their friends.



  • silvia

    Hola, me encanta todo lo que tenéis y gracias por todas las ideas que nos facilitáis, son geniales!! mil gracias!!
    Tengo que preparar el cumple de mis peques así que estoy anotando cosillas para hacer un pedido.

  • Antonia

    Hola¡ mi hija cumple 10 años y me gustaria preparale una fiesta sorpresa, ¿que me recomendais?


    Hola en menos de un mes mi peuqño cumplira un añito,y aunque todavia no se va a dar cuenta de muchas cosas le queria hacer su primer fiesta de cumpleaños,pero no tengo mucha idea de como decorar y que poner si me pudierais ayudar os lo agradeceria,si el tiempo lo permite nuestra idea es hacerla en el jardin.un saludo y muchisimas gracias

  • Elisa

    Hola !Q chulo todo !Mi "niña " hace este verano los 18….y no sé quiero hacer algo muy especial pero n tengo claro nada.Vivimos en una casa con sitio para hacerlo en el exterior ,piscina ,barbacoa…me gustaría poner globos ,elegir un color de vajilla ,manteles… va a ser sorpresa para ella…Espero vuestra opinión.Un saludo


    Hola ,tengo la comunion de mi hijo en quince dias y me gustaría me dierais ideas para decorar las mesas y la de los buffetes, gracias

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