Ideas to set up a special table!

It has finally come good weather! And we feel like celebrating parties in the Garden , terraces or why not... in parks!

That is why we want to share with you some ideas to set up a table worthy of portraying! It doesn't have a big complication, it's all about getting...

If you want to set up a table with the places set, the ideal is to use a table that is at least 1 meter wide; In this way, there will be space in the center to place the decoration accessories such as centerpieces , food, a table runner that will give you a lot of color. A good idea is to place wild flowers in different shades, placed in recycled glass bottles or vases, making groups and different heights, this will give proportion and a Vintage air to your table ! Remember that you can also decorate these vases with ribbons and blinds, giving them a more personal touch.

If you want more ideas go to

decoration_table_of_party_idea_original decoration_table_of_party_idea_original

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