How to set up a Candy Bar yourself and not die trying

The tables of Chuches or Candy Bar are very fashionable. There is no celebration, party, wedding, baptism or First Communion without a candy table. At first glance, it seems very easy to assemble, but making it perfect is not always so easy.

In this Post I will give you some tips and secrets so that it looks spectacular on you. ;)

candy bar olivia's party

1. Choose the right table

It is very important that the table is not too big... this is the main mistake we make. If the table is large, it will be very difficult to fill it and there is nothing worse than an empty table.... I am in favor of choosing small tables. I think the ideal size for a Candy Bar for up to 30 or 40 people is 80 x 120-160 cm. approx.

You can use a nice old desk with style, a fun chest of drawers with a vintage touch, a car or a waitress is always ideal or whatever you want, the important thing is that it is not a large dining table for 12 people... If we don't have some nice furniture that is worth showing, the best thing is to take a basic board with some easels and place a large tablecloth that should always reach the floor. It is the easiest and is always impeccable.


 2. Create heights.

To mount any candy tables or Candy Bar's , the most important thing is to create heights . It will help you to make the table look more "full" and more harmonious. You can generate these different heights with wooden boxes, lined boxes, pastry bases, a large vase of XL sweets, flowers or with any element that generates the height we need. Always place the highest back and in the middle of your table something you want to highlight.

The cake, a drink dispenser or a cupcake stand is always a good option to put in the middle of the table. In this link you will see a selection of ideal Cake Stands that we sell in the shop.


We love this table that we have set up for a Safari First Communion in Kraft and natural tones . The color combination is very stylish and fun for children.

3. Choose a color range or a theme.

Choose the combination of colors, materials or the theme that you are going to use and try to be faithful to it. The same with the colors of the candies... try to be coherent in everything, but don't go too far, it can be boring!


This is the moodboard that we have selected for a sweet table with an Ice Cream theme . Stationery, crockery, accessories, cookies... there are a lot of elements that you can use for your sweet table. Let your imagination fly, enjoy the process and above all dare! Remember that in this party thing anything goes. :)

4. Calculate the quantities and choose the sweets well .

This topic is undoubtedly the one that generates the most doubts. For a table of sweets for about 24 to 30 people, the ideal is to place about 5 to 7 kilos of assorted sweets. Combine shapes and flavors, the more variety the better. Pay special attention to the sweets you buy. Try to make them made in Europe and that they do not contain Gluten or trans fats. In our shop you will find a wide variety of candy jars ready for your Candy Bar and other individual ones to give away with selected candies of the best quality on the market.

It never hurts to think about possible guests with celiac disease and if we give sweets, we try to make them of the best possible quality. The guests will appreciate it. ;)


This is a basic type list that we use for our sweet tables, it is designed for approximately 24 to 30 people. I leave you direct links to the products to facilitate your search...

Candies needed for Candy Bar 25 to 30 people

25 to 30 Pica Pica canes of the colors of the table. They give height and that interests us.
15 to 20 artisan or similar fruit lollipops .
15 o Sidral type candy necklace or chewing gum tubes .
1 to 2 kg of clouds of the chosen colors. Place them in the largest and tallest boats. XL ice cream clouds or XL strawberries are a success on tables with softer shades!
4 to 5 kg of jelly beans of the chosen colors. Take a good look at the quality.
1 Kg. of Popcorn, chocolate or cereal balls. It is a good option for those who do not like sweets.
300 pcs. Pica Pica UFOs or similar.

You can also add cookies, Cupcakes, Cake Pops or some seasonal fruit cut on skewers. You will be surprised how the fruit flies in the Candy Bars, a bit of fruit is always good.

candy jars for candy bar Olivia's Party

5. The shopping list, accessories for a perfect candy table.

This is a typical list that we use for our candy tables, we hope it will serve as a guide for you.


Decorative base elements for a Candy Bar

1 Decorative back made with a fabric, crepe ribbons, or fans.
1 Candy Bar Sign (optional)
1 Something decorative that you like. It can be a photo, a vase with flowers, a letter, XL letter candles, a poster with a text...
1 Candy Bar Garland or some bunting garland to match your theme.
1 Group of Pom Poms , honeycomb balls or pleated fans in the colors you prefer.
1 Garland of lights, it will give a very sweet touch. Place it among the boats on the table. (optional)
2 XL Glass Jars

2 Glass Jars L
2 Glass Jars M
1 Confectioner with 3 or 2 floors for sweets
1 Table runner or tissue paper to give color to your table

Bottles, paper straws and napkins with the theme or colors of your choice


The secret is to combine bags and boxes for your guests to fill and take the best selection home. Here you will find a standard shopping list so that you do not miss anything.

Decorative accessories and indicators for Candy Bar

10 cardboard boxes or balls
10 paper bags for sweets
10 individual jars of candies already assembled
Labels and stickers to decorate your bags and boxes
Tape or Bakers Twine to decorate your glass jars.
3 Clear plastic shovels or tweezers
Labels type "tags" for you to write the content of your boats
Table markers for you to write the type of sweets 


In our Shop you will find all the candies and accessories full of details that you need to set up a Candy Bar .

If you live in Barcelona and you want us to set up your sweet table without worrying about anything..., we will go wherever you tell us and we will set up the most beautiful table of sweets for your party.

I hope all these tips will help you, you can see more ideas on our Pinterest and don't stop sharing your sweet tables with us on Instagram @fiestadeolivia #lafiestadeolivia ;)


  • Blanca Rodriguez

    Muy buenas ideas ,para mí la segunda en el panel exhibido está perfecta 👌

  • Jaime ramirez

    Muy buenos tips para emprender con un candy bar muchas gracias…..

  • Vanessa

    Hermosos consejos…. lo pondré en práctica

  • Reyes de Borja

    Hola, que tal? Muy buenos consejos y preciosas mesas dulces. Me voy a iniciar en esto y tengo una duda que ya otra compañera OS ha preguntado. Todos los complemento tipo botes de cristal y por ejemplo el mantel se incluye en el precio para w después se los quede la anfitriona o volvemos a recogerlos?? Espero haberme explicado bien. Y gracias de antemano.

  • Ana

    Hola! me encanto tua tips para el candy bar, si podes aconaejarme las cantidades para 50 personas, cuando combidarles a los invitados, y como se puede presentar…
    Podras enviarme una foto o vs. de ejemploa para que los pueda entender….

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