Godmothers! We have the most beautiful Palmas and Palmones in Barcelona

Godmothers of Barcelona... Attention ! How every year at La Fiesta de Olivia we have endeavored to make the most beautiful Palmas and Palmones in the city ;) to give to your goddaughters and godsons this Easter.

We have brought from many different places the cutest decorations that are most successful among children. Every year we improve them a little..., but we don't change much since we realize that you like them a lot. You do not know the illusion that makes us :)

palmas barcelona olivia's party
order decorated palm trees online barcelona olivia's party

The decoration suits whether it is a baby, a boy or a girl. More and more girls also want Palmón very high to "snack it" just like boys.

All are personalized with a personalized label with the initial of your goddaughter/o and the date of remembrance, a large ribbon of colored fabric that you can choose , Praline and chocolate eggs, a handmade cookie decorated with royal icing , a special Easter skewer of sweets and candies , a traditional rosary of jellies and toys that you can see in detail in each of the products.

The palms of babies carry everything the same as those of children, except for the sweets that we have avoided. This year we will make them in several different colors, but always with the seal that characterizes us.

palmon holy week barcelona olivia's party

order palmon holy week barcelona olivia's party

In the case of Palmones we have 3 different sizes: Palmones M, L and XL. They depend on the size and age of the child. The measurements are 1.50, 1.80 and 2.10 meters. You can choose Palma for a girl or Palmón for both a girl and a boy.

To make your orders you can do them directly in our store in Barcelona. Product only available for collection in stores in Barcelona and Madrid.

For those who read us from other parts of Spain, I will tell you that it is a tradition that occurs among the Catholics of Catalonia, Valencia and some other cities in Spain that the godmother gives the Palma to her goddaughter or the Palmón to her godson and the Godfather gives away the "mona" for Easter. The Palm and the Palmón are made of natural and fresh palm leaves and are given as gifts to shake, bless and "prick" them very hard against the ground on Palm Sunday at mass. It is a gift that the children look forward to with more enthusiasm each year and the godmother decorates it with candies, a large bow at the end, a string of jelly beans and the occasional gift. Traditionally, strong, cheerful colors are used that remind us of the Easter season.


  • carmen

    Hola quería saber si en tienda fisica, tenéis disponibles palmas de bebes, en web pone que están agotadas.

  • Tamara

    Hola!! Yo vivo en Mallorca y queria saber si este año tambien podria encragar una palma personaizada para hacerla llegar a mi ahijada que vive en barcelona. gracias

  • Natalia

    Hola, yo también OS he encontrado por casualidad :). Vivo en Madrid y soy madrina, y quiero mandarle el Palmon a mi sobrino que vive en Barcelona.
    Hacéis envíos personalizados??


  • Miriam

    Hola! Por una busqueda de google he llegado a vuestra pagina. Me encantan estas palmas que nos mostrais y queria saber si este año tambien se puede pedir. Gracias y un saludo

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