What if the Christmas decoration is not red and green?

Every year when Christmas arrives and we decorate our house with decoration elements of Red and Green colors. I want to leave you some decorations for this Christmas that are out of the ordinary. Red, pink, fuchsia, yellow, blue, turquoise... Does it seem strange to you? You will see how beautiful... a lot of color and different textures decorate these cheerful rooms. Ideal colors for our Christmas with children and why not, for Christmas decoration for offices and offices that want to get away from the classic Christmas of a lifetime.


This fireplace looks spectacular! The garland of brightly colored balls, candles of different sizes and bright colors and a garland made of cut-out paper and paper flowers are the perfect setting for this Fireplace.

Photography Etsy

I love the detail of the wooden logs with the painted ends... A Christmas full of color is an ideal option for a Christmas with children. What do you think? Do you dare?

Christmas decoration

Poppytalk Photography

Colored honeycomb balls , tissue paper fans and paper garlands can be a perfect resource when it comes to decorating your home for originalChristmas . In this case, what I like the most is the simplicity of the Christmas tree and the use of the large dry natural tree branch hung horizontally as a "picture" with decorative elements in tissue paper.

I love it! I think that the key for this to be beautiful and harmonious is to combine colors, shapes and sizes, and especially the place where we hang each piece depending on its size. In this case, they have arranged the largest fans at the ends and combined the smallest honeycomb balls in the middle. Another important thing is that the branch is never completely horizontal, better if it is somewhat raised forming a diagonal.


Photography Just Destiny Mag

Another Christmas decoration proposal that I really liked is this one in black, white and gold tones. They have combined black and white stripes, with golden touches and the natural green of the Christmas tree.


Photography Just Destiny Mag

A fun and original idea is to paint the Christmas balls with dots in black with a marker and put "handmade" details like these little black and white "Merry Christmas" signs.


free downloadable Merry Christmas poster

In case anyone is encouraged... here you can download the free PDF so you can print it at home and make these little signs with some striped paper straws.

I hope it will serve as inspiration for your Christmas decoration.

Until next time!

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