Giant balloons: An essential at more WOW parties

We are fascinated by balloons, they inspire fun, freedom and joy. They fill any place with color, decorate a corner and if they are bright and very big, the better! We have been seeing giant balloons in different trend blogs, luxury brand advertising and magazines for some time. They come in all shapes and colors, inflated with helium or simply with air, with decorations such as fringed garlands or "Tassel", transparent ones filled with confetti inside and even decorations written with Lettering with matte markers.

They are the perfect complement to sections of photographs of both children and couples and due to their large size they have the quality of generating a more welcoming atmosphere at parties that are held in places with very high ceilings, they make the scale of the place smaller. and cozy.

The truth is that they attract a lot of attention and decorate a lot! Here are some ideas to inspire you.


These are perfect for a Photocall at an adult party! Decorated with colored crepe paper fringe or a tassel garland tied and attached to a wooden stick, no need to inflate them with Helium... They add a modern feel to any celebration. We have seen these in Oh Joy Blog .


These white balloons add a very special touch to a wedding. They have filled them with Helium and they have risen. Tassel garlands or fringes in pastel colors have been added to each string to give it a touch of color and movement. Simply spectacular!

You can find these giant white balloons in our Shop and if you want to see a DIY on how to decorate these balloons with a fabric Tassel garland, don't miss this Post that explains step by step how to do it.


Giant balloons have become a trend in wedding photo sessions. These targets are inflated with Helium, they fly tied to a cloth ribbon, ideal! Photography laced in weddings

At this party they have made a spectacular balloon arch. This great idea (although I think it is very laborious...) is achieved by tying balloons of different colors and sizes on a cord and this rope is wound around a bow made with some wooden sticks.

The effect is great and it's one of the most decorative we've seen in outdoor parties in a long time... we've seen it on Oh Joy Blog .

We hope that all these ideas will help you and remember that if you want to put them into practice to decorate your event, you have everything you need available in our Shop, Balloons and accessories collection.

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