Ideas to set up a Popcorn Bar

We always see Candy Bars or candy tables on Blogs and more and more at Weddings and First Communion and Baptism parties. It is an easy to assemble and very decorative table that everyone likes but for some time now we have been seeing a fun, healthier and very original alternative to a table from Sweets. Why not offer a "Popcorn Bar" at your party?

The truth is that I love the idea! I declare myself a fan of Popcorn and if they are flavored and baked, much better.

I want to leave you this Popcorn bar that we found on the Pen & Paper Flowers Blog. I find it great! The black slate, the white texts and the mix of materials like Kraft and Brass, give it a simple but Vintage point that I really like.



Large brass buckets and pots contain the food. Remember to place everything in order of size.

Notice that the large oval cube has been tilted forward and they have made a small pedestal to place the glass jars with flavors.


For those who are not so fond of popcorn you can put an alternative, colored M&Ms, peanuts, nuts... there are a thousand things. In this case, they have placed them inside some basic brass pots and they have placed Kraft paper inside, the same one that they have used as a tablecloth. One detail, the basic sheets of Kraft paper have been made into a lace with one of our die-cutters . You can find this die-cutter model in our Shop.


Put different flavors inside glass salt shakers so that each one gives the special touch to your popcorn.

You can buy basic salt shakers at Ikea and place cinnamon, vanilla sugar, powdered chocolate or any seasoning you can think of... Powdered Parmesan cheese is great!

Get creative and look for ingredients in a specialty store or you can even make your own.

Label the glass jars and the pots of nuts with the contents of each. An easy idea is to stick chalkboard labels and write on them or hang a circular label made with one of our die cutters and tied with a Baker's Twine.

For everyone to take their popcorn, the best and easiest thing to do is to place Kraft paper envelopes .

A piece of advice that I think is important to comment on, as Mar de las exquisite Popcorn from PopCorner Barcelona says: "The enemy of popcorn is humidity" There is nothing worse than chewing gum popcorn! I recommend you make them at the moment or keep them in airtight bags so that they hold the humidity for those who will set up a popcorn bar in a Mediterranean climate.

And if you are in Barcelona and you don't want to complicate your life by making popcorn yourself, I recommend the best! PopCorner Popcorn... is healthy and delicious. They also ship to the rest of Spain.

Well, what do you think, I love it! I think it is an idea for children and adults, super fun and original for Weddings that will surely become very fashionable.

If you want to see more images or ideas for your Candy Bars or Popcorn Bar, you can't miss our Pinterest board full of ideas. Until next time ;)

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  • letsBRICO

    Totalmente genial! Felicidades chicos! Un look chulísimo! nos encanta vuestra web!!!

  • Marcela

    Hola Ana,
    Por el momento no tenemos disponibles las palas de madera lo siento… no se donde podrías conseguirlas.
    En nuestra Shop puedes encontrar unas de plástico transparentes o de colores en la sección Candy Bar o Sweet Tables.
    Un saludo! ;)

  • Marcela

    Hola Matrioskas Eventos!
    En este caso no se ha impreso sobre pizarra si no que se ha impreso sobre papel y el fondo negro imita a la pizarra.
    Otra opción es escribir directamente sobre un fondo de pizarra (pintado con pintura especial de pizarra) con tiza o rotuladores de tinta de tiza blanca.
    Un saludo!

  • Matrioskas eventos

    Me encanta la pintura pizarra, ¿la impresión en ella es muy costosa?

  • Ana

    Quisiera saber donde puedo encontrar las palas dispensadoras de madera que salen en este reportaje. Gracias. Me parece espectacular el popcorn bar.

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