Ideas to decorate a sailor party on the beach this summer

If a few weeks ago we talked to you about how to decorate a spring party in the country, now it's summer's turn. If you are close to the beach, a marine party on the terrace at home or a simple snack on the beach with the family can become one of the most beautiful moments of summer. Birthdays in July and August are a fantastic opportunity to prepare a marine party for adults and children !

If you decide to organize your party on the beach, here are some ideas to decorate it. Navy blue will become our main color accompanied by white and ivory. The traditional sailor stripes alternating these two colors and the stars are our motifs, ideal for summer. Combining these elements we will get an elegant party that your guests will not forget.
original ideas for a sailor party. Sailor birthday party with stripes and stars
1. Ivory spoons
2 White picnic basket for the beach
3. Sailor striped towel
4. Ivory and navy blue plates
5. Navy Striped Straws
6. Star napkins
7. T-shirts with sailor motifs
8 Soda bottles with adhesive star labels
9. Free Sailor Party Invitations
10. Baker's twine navy blue

The best time to celebrate a marine festival in summer is after 6:00 p.m. when the sun begins to give us that golden light that we like so much and the temperatures begin to soften. If you also feel like wearing dresses with sailor motifs with blue and white stripes or absolute white Ibizan style, it will be the ideal complement to your sailor party this summer!

If you want more original ideas for your parties this summer, check out our pinterest boards full of inspiration . I'm sure you'll love them!

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