Wedding printables in Spanish and easy DIY ideas for your wedding

Are you organizing your wedding or are you getting married soon? Today we bring you some wedding printables in Spanish and some original and easy ideas to give a special and different touch to your wedding with very little.

We start with these table numbers designed so that you can download them for free. They have several models with flowers in different shades so you can choose the one you like the most and match your decoration. You can hold them with some tweezers or nail them inside your centerpiece or put them inside a vintage glass jar decorated with different flowers like the one in the image. Download, print and cut!

free printable table numbers in spanish wedding

Download the waiters in Once upon a time

ideas to hold waiters at your wedding

a photograph by Brooke Courtney photography

If you also like flowers, but you are passionate about "Hand Lettering" you will love this downloadable for your wedding. They have a whole kit to decorate your wedding tables. Elegant and beautiful idea for a wedding in the countryside or the forest.

printable waiter numbers for weddings Download the printable at Ruffled blog

Another downloadable that we love is this printable for the guests to leave their mark as a testimony of your wedding. You can design the drawing yourself, choosing the colors of the balloons on the web. It also gives you the option to personalize it with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date.

An idea that we have always liked, is a very original complement to the signature book.

free printable for wedding

Design your free downloadable at: wedding chicks

Finally, we show you an idea that we really liked and it couldn't be easier: Create an extra-large Polaroid frame with white cardboard to take some fun photos at the photocall. To complement it, you can get our vintage photocall kits

original idea for wedding photocall

a withlovely idea

If you want to continue looking for inspiration, take a look at our pinterest board , it is full of original and beautiful ideas to decorate your wedding!

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  • Bodas con detalle

    Son unos recursos para la boda geniales!! Me han gustado mucho. En especial los meseros de erase una vez

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