A Frozen party with FREE Printable

If your children have been fascinated by the recent Disney Frozen movie and they ask you for a birthday with Olaf, Ana, Elsa and what you find in Frozen -themed party stores does not convince you, because you see it too overloaded... We have a solution that you will surely love!

frozen party girls

You can decorate the party with balloons, napkins, plates, glasses in shades of blue, turquoise, white and transparent . Very important, a lot of shine and glitter, the food in blue, lilac and white tones.
Now, you will tell me that it is not a real Frozen party without the Disney characters, right?
Well, we'll add the "Frozen" touches with a fantastic free printable that we found here .

free printable frozen

With this fantastic printable contains the following files:

* Pennants to make a garland
* Boxes for sweets
* Cupcake toppers and wrappers to decorate your bases
* Labels for your individual bottles
* Circles with Frozen images of various sizes to decorate whatever you want.
Download it, and print at home the quantities and images you need. Great isn't it?
Ah... an idea to print your stickers is to do it on a white self-adhesive A4 sheet that you can buy at any stationery store.

I leave you with a selection of products from our shop ideal for decorating a Frozen-style party, ideas and some inspiration


For food you can choose clouds of sugar, blue and white sweets, cupcakes with white Frosting.


If you want to see the step by step of how to make these Marshmallow Pop visit this Blog


A cake covered in cream with some little figures from the movie and some sweet-like blue details will be a hit for sure!

activity crowns kids frozen

If you want the children to do a fun activity on the day of the party, I leave you these crowns and reindeer antlers that are super fun and very easy to decorate. I'm sure the result will be great!

These are the PDF files so that you could print directly at home and then copy onto a silver glitter eva-rubber sheet.

frozen party hat



If with all these ideas you still don't have enough inspiration, be sure to check out our Pinterest board with ideas, recipes, DIY and free printables for a Frozen party .


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    hola ! quisiera hacer una corona a mi hijo para su fiesta de cumpleaños y en realidad no se como empezarla…
    podrias indicarme cuales pueden ser susmedidas exactamente…
    muchas gracias por tu ayuda

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    Me encanto todo, de verdad me sirve de mucha ayuda debido que yo lo estoy realizando con mis manos

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