1, 2 and 3 Halloween parties, Let's get inspired!

I think the holidays are a before and after Pinterest. Sometimes, ten minutes can take you to spend long hours inspiring yourself and getting ideas for the next celebration, but the large amount of information can lead you to end up as the beginning... in nothing.

So today, we'll do the work for you. We have chosen three different ways to decorate a Halloween party and with this we tell you everything: it does not go purple, orange or bright green... nor ghosts, witches or vampires. Let's start!

1.Sugar Skull Halloween

Has it happened to you that you try to combine your entire look just because you want to wear new shoes? ok, well, that's how we are, so in love with the Sugar Skull collection by Meri Meri, that we are looking for a decoration with pink, fuchsia, coral... (a very special mix of colours) to combine with the skull plates and napkins in tones rose from this collection.


A Halloween with pumpkins painted in pink tones and flowers? This is called giving a complete twist to the typical scary Halloween. One or two crafts and decorations that you have at home...ideal!

halloween-party-of-olivia Via akailochiclife.com


halloween-r Via amidstthechaos.ca

All this in order to combine it with this collection, but what is it worth? is the most. I declare myself an absolute fan of this Halloween. We have it all and we've had it before and believe me it flies away so if you want it...go for it!


2. A very Mexican Halloween party

After the movie "Coco" (which if you haven't seen it, you're missing it!) Mexico's Day of the Dead celebration became more popular, and adding the Frida Kahlo-inspired decorating trend that leads and some seasons, making a Mexican Halloween is a very good idea.

Here I will leave some photos that will serve as inspiration. Doing something like this is easier than it seems, you just have to keep these three elements in mind: skulls, flowers and very vibrant colors.


On the web you will find the Halloween Day of the Dead collection that could not be more ideal with all the basics you need to decorate the candy bar, perfect for adults and children.



3. Trick or Treat Halloween

And if what you are looking for is a more elegant and adult party, this version is perfect.

Take note, some basic elements of this party are: a garland of bats, a spider web, spiders to distribute on the tables... in addition to customizing any decoration that you have at home with vampire wings or masks, this will give it the twist and it will make it very original!

In this collection that we have created you will see a selection of all black kitchenware with gold touches. In addition to being ideal, it is very practical for parties at home when we have many guests and we do not want to waste time collecting everything.



halloween-black-gold-olivia-party Via laurenkelp.com

If you have a cart or space to put the drinks, this simple decoration can make it look totally ad hoc with the celebration. Plus we love that cart! We have it very similar decorating in the physical store and you can also find it in our shop here


Via brit.co

As you will see, the ideas are not complicated at all, they are simple and very creative. As always, our idea is to give conventional parties a twist. The surprised face of your guests enjoying every detail and your emotion assembling everything will make the next Halloween a very fun party. Which of these parties do you prefer?


This time Halloween isn't about orange and black decor, ghosts or witches. Here, we show 3 different party decor ideas to make a twist and create a whole new Halloween day. There´sa Sugar Skull inspiration with tones like pink, coral and full of flowers, a very girly and cute theme. Then, a Mexican -day of the dead- decor, since Coco the movie, this tradition it's stronger and beautiful. And if the party it´s most an adult thing, well, the black & gold idea it´s perfect, with table settings and decor candy bar that will make it even more special. So, get inspired and start doing your own trick or treat party!

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